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Learn how you can feel empowered, informed and secure in your decision about how to educate your children from home with my online homeschool course.

Homeschool Master Class Course

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Homeschool Master class

You’ve already made the decision–or are close to making the decision–to homeschool your children. And, as challenging as that decision may have been, that was actually the easy part. Now, as a parent who cares deeply about the success and future of your children, you’re asking yourself a million questions:

  • Is this decision going to short-change my children?
  • Am I taking options off the table for them?
  • Are they going to be able to go to college?
  • Will they learn how to socialize and integrate with other kids?
  • Will adding the “teacher” role harm my relationship with my children?
  • Is this going to be overwhelming? Will I ever have any time to myself?
  • Can I handle this? How will I be able to continue my own career?
  • Will I just fall back to recreating all the worst aspects of school, but at home?
  • What are other parents going to say? What is my family going to say?
  • Am I going to create a “weird kid” who doesn’t fit in?
  • Will my kid be able to follow instructions in a work environment after homeschooling?
  • If we decide this is not for us, will they transition well back to regular schooling? Is there a fallback option?
  • How will I connect with other parents and a community around homeschooling?

I’m Matt Beaudreau, and I’m the founder of Acton Academy Placer, a cooperative K-12 homeschooling program. It’s the fastest-growing homeschooling program in Northern California–and part of the Acton network, with 100 schools in 20 countries. I field questions like these from parents considering homeschooling every day. And it’s my job to answer them in a way that leaves you feeling empowered, informed and secure in your decisions about how you educate your children. However, Acton Academy Placer is just one successful program, in one city, outside of Sacramento, CA. There’s no way we can reach every family around the world that is considering homeschooling, with the information you need to do it successfully.

That’s why I’ve created Homeschool Masterclass.

Imagine having every insight and method I’ve come to as a homeschool facilitator, about how to homeschool children successfully, available to you at home–even if you’re nowhere near my campus in Sacramento. We’ve basically boiled down the core essential teachings, on how to run a homeschool environment successfully (whether it’s just for your child, or for a whole neighborhood’s worth of homeschool children)… and we’re delivering these insights and teachings to you in this in-depth 8-module course.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in each module:

Module 1


This is arguably the most important part of the entire program for parents and kids. Having the right mindset on education, learning, and attacking the future is non-negotiable. We will walk you through the history of traditional education and what it was made for (hint: not kids), to why the model hasn’t changed, and to how it’s impacted how all of us think. (Or fail to think, altogether). More important, we’re going to show you the mindset you and your children need to succeed when embarking on homeschooling.

Module 2

The 7 Essential Skills for the 21st Century

A deep dive into the 7 essential skills of the future, and how to remain agile in updating those. These skills will open the doors to college, trades, entrepreneurship, or simply to being a valuable employee. These skills are the basis for the real-world, street-smart education you’ll be providing for your children, and everything we teach revolves around them. They are the top skills that corporate leaders and recruiters tell Matt again and again that they wish more students and prospective employees had, coming out of school. Why not learn them directly at home?

Module 3

Creating the environment

In this module, we’ll make sure that you’re set up to win for homeschooling: the habits, communication and accountability you and your child need to develop together for a successful homeschooling experience. This includes information about scheduling, creating covenants, “contracts,” and expectations.

Module 4

Core Skills

What are the key curricula and online programs we use? What are the core skills you want your child to learn each week? How do you keep your kids on track academically? How do you allocate time? What kind of schedules should you use? How will your child learn to write? These are the key questions we dive into in this central module.

Module 5

Deep Books, Crafting Socratics, and Developing a Mastermind Group for the Hero's Journey

One of the main things that an education is supposed to help develop within a child is critical thinking. Yet, with test-obsessed schooling, how often do children actually learn real-life critical thinking in schools–the kind they’re actually going to use in the workplace? This module teaches you how to adopt the Socratic method in your homeschool environment, so your child gets all the real-world thinking they need, without any of the wasteful, cookie-cutter teach-to-the-test restrictions on their minds.

Module 6

Service Projects and Creative Quests

Ultimately, one of the greatest way your children will utilize their education is by being of service to people, communities, and collective quests that give meaning beyond the individual. And by being creative in this service. Traditional schooling encourages you and your children to be grade-obsessed. But, while valuable for other reasons, “good grades” rarely actually help other people, or encourage creativity. Whereas, learning how to help people creatively helps people. In this module, you will learn how to base your homeschooled child’s education around being of service to others, through creativity, meaning, and joy.

Module 7

Understanding internships and apprenticeships

The most valuable skills your children, for maximum life success and employability, will be gained not in the classroom, but in internships and apprenticeships. This is NOT just for older students. Yes, this is even for the youngest of school-aged kiddos–children can find appropriate apprentice-like environments starting early–and includes an entrepreneurial focus that ties back into the 21st Century skills.

Module 8

Preparing an online portfolio of work

Traditional resumes are a dying relic of the past economy, and we want to create an online portfolio to show growth over the years. This segment walks you through creating compelling portfolios from start to finish, focusing on ensuring maximum exposure of the developed skills and growth mindset. Think: athletic highlight reel, but for academic/social/personal growth.

Imagine having access to decades worth of accumulated experience and wisdom on how to homeschool children successfully, in a simple course you can listen to and learn from, anywhere. (It’s like a homeschool course, on homeschooling!)

The reason I’m making this course available, is that I honestly believe no parents should venture into the potentially risky terrain of homeschooling, without this map. I have created what I believe is the most simple, easy-to-follow, and essential knowledge you must be aware of before homeschooling your children. You could venture into this terrain without a map, but why would you want that stress?

Your teacher in this course, Matt Beaudreau, consults every week with major corporations who are telling him the same thing: kids who are coming out of our nation’s schooling system aren’t learning the skills they need to succeed in the modern workplace.

This course bridges the gap between what students are learning today, and what they will need to know to succeed in tomorrow’s ever-evolving economy.

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